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Have you ever considered that…

If Time is Money… Then Money is Time!”


     How are you spending your most precious commodity?


When we are born on this planet, we’re (literally) given an account book.  Like a bank debit card, it contains a measured amount of currency.  But this currency is TIME  We can spend it anyway we choose – doing good, stealing wealth from others, giving back to society – anything at all.

But like that debit card, once the days, months, and years of our life run out, there is no more.  Game over!  TIME  is the one debit card that cannot be renewed.

Or can it…?

Very quickly in our young life we come to the realization that food, shelter, and cool cars to impress the girls – among many other things – cost  MONEY.   And so, the quest begins.  Everyone must devise a way to obtain a constant source of money; that which we call “income.”

How is that done?

Most of these young people (regardless of country or culture) will follow the majority and immediately find ways to begin trading their most precious commodity  – TIME – for  MONEY.   And they’ll continue squandering their days doing this for the rest of their life!

Daily, they go to a job they most often dislike; to earn money to buy things they don’t really need; to impress people they don’t really like.  Just so they can go back to work and repeat the process all over again!

Wealthy people on the other hand, do things differently…

They start with a different mindset about both  TIME  and  MONEY.

Their strategy is to earn money that can be invested into assets which then begin producing ongoing  PASSIVE  income.  Rather than them working for  MONEY,  they position themselves to have  MONEY  working for them!

But the greatest secret of the wealthy is…


they use that  MONEY  to buy back more of their  TIME !

Learning to think with such a wealth mentality is called  Developing Your Financial IQ.   And it’s the principle at the heart of a revolutionary course I like to call,


Money 101


My name is  Roger Koment,  and certainly, I didn’t start out with a wealth mentality!  In fact, I was actually behind most folks when it came to money and money management, because I was a  Medical Research Scientist  and  Professor.   (Take it from me, everything you’ve ever heard about Professors and “Ivory Towers”, is true!)   For years, I was so focused on my research that I’d forget to come home from the laboratory at night!  As long as I received enough to pay the rent on my one-bedroom apartment, I was happy as a clam.

But that’s not how the real world works.

And when I left the “Ivory Tower mentality” to create and lead  an International Nonprofit Medical Association,  I began to learn how money really works in our society.  Several years later, and the study of a growing collection of books now in my personal library, I have developed businesses and practiced ways to better create  Multiple Streams of Passive Income.

As an  Entrepreneur  and  Business Owner,  I’ve taught this  Money 101  course since 2009 – live – to classes in the Washington DC metro area.  And now, by leveraging the power of computer technology, I’m offering it to others around the world!


“This course really lives up to its name.  I’ve been an accountant for over twenty years, yet I learn new things with every class.  The best thing is, you don’t need to be a CPA to get the material!  Roger presents it in such a way that anyone could take advantage of it.”

Angela Chouinard
Ostara Group, Inc.
Centreville, VA

“I’ve never met a successful person who’s gotten to where they are on their own…  Roger is a walking library of information through his experiences, businesses and his own mentors.  I highly recommend investing the time in yourself.”

Justin Tsuchida
iHome Integration
Burke, VA


This is a webinar-based course offered periodically to the public

It’s comprised of ten 90-minute eClasses


List of Eight eClasses You’ll be Receiving
  • Developing a Wealth Mentality
  • Our Financial Conditioning
  • Active vs. Passive Income
  • Multiple Streams of Income
  • Taking Ownership of Your Future
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Determining Your Legacy
  • Business and Investment Models

PLUS… Two Special Bonus Classes
  • Developing a Business Mentality
  • Designing a Business for the 21st Century


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How This Works…


Money 101  is a Webinar-Based course that’s offered periodically to the general public.  To be notified of the next Start Date, you’ll be asked to enter your Name and E-mail Address on our Course Notification Roster.  There is NO obligation or commitment, as you are only “Signing Up” to be notified.

This e-course will be delivered over eight weeks… plus the two Bonus Classes… for a total duration of ten weeks.  When you actually register, you’ll receive instructions for accessing the exclusive “Members Only Area.”  This is a password-protected website where all our resources will be posted, including periodic Surprise Bonuses!

Each week (on the same evening), we will have a live 90-minute instructional class conveniently delivered directly to your computer via the technology of interactive webinars.  (Where else could you attend class in your ‘jammies, underwear – or less!)  If you have to miss a session, don’t worry.  All classes will be recorded and archived in the Members Area.

If you’re unfamiliar with webinar training, put your mind at ease.  The only equipment you’ll need to participate in these classes is a computer with an Internet connection.  That’s it!  The speakers in most computers will work just fine, although you may choose to enhance the sound quality by plugging external speakers into the “headphone” jack of your computer.

Supplemental Resources pertaining to the current topic will be posted in the Members Area.  These will include various audio and video sources, plus a weekly series of practical exercises which can be downloaded in pdf-file format.


Additional Free Bonus!

In addition to Supplemental Materials and Surprise Bonuses, Money 101 Students will also have the opportunity to speak with me for up to two 20-minute private counsel sessions during this ten week course.  This will be via phone or Skype.  (At my normal rate of $225 per hour… well, you can do the math to calculate the value of just this one membership perk.)


Can you really afford to pass on this offer?


“True to form, Roger’s  Financial Conditioning  lecture once again struck home on multiple levels.  The emphasis was based on some common misconceptions, myths, and flat-out lies we are told by others, and by ourselves, that separate us from our hard-earned money.  Putting these myths into perspective really shines an intense spotlight on how these common factors injure us financially.  I’m very glad I attended, and would encourage everyone to register for this course.  With every class I attend, I feel I’ve added one more block of vital knowledge to my internal data bank.  Thank you Roger!!!”

Jerry McGrade
Alexandria, VA

“This class on  Financial Decision Making  has given me some tools that will help me with client-relationship.  By understanding the emotion behind some of the financial decisions my clients make or do not make, I feel that I am now in a better position to serve them.”

Leah Bradshaw
Springfield, VA

OMG! – So what’s all this gonna cost me??


Well, not as much as you might rightly think!  And, BTW, the better question is “How much for this investment in me?”

For a limited time only, registration for this 10-week course will be a one-time payment of

Only $97

And to help you make this decision, we’ll be offering

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“The class on  Taking Ownership of Your Future  challenges the student to examine her financial future in an economy that is progressively reducing the middle class by forcing them to choose between poverty or wealth.  It challenges the student to decide which side of the economy she wants to be living in; to take the steps for a complete new life in finding ways to develop multiple streams of income.  Thank you so much Roger.”

Fatoumata Doumbia
International Consultant
Springfield, VA



So… let’s review what you’ll receive


  • Eight 90-minute Webinar eClasses
  • Two 90-minute additional Special Bonus eClasses
  • 10 Week Access to Recorded eClasses
  • Weekly Supplemental Materials & Practical Exercises
  • Up to two 20-minute Personal Counsel Sessions via Phone or Skype
  • Surprise Bonuses
  • And Much, Much More…
  • Including a 7 day Trial Membership for only $1


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